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Angelica Scrubs Provide Exceptional Quality Uniforms for Health Care Workers

Angelica scrubsAngelica scrubs are some of the most popular medical garments among health care workers due to their comfort and utility. Made with a lightweight 50/50 poly-cotton blend, Angelica scrubs by Medline are designed with a generous cut that have extra length and width, resulting in very comfortable garments that are cool to the body and easy to work in. They are also reversible, so that they can be worn both ways without awkwardness, and have pockets on both sides that allow necessities such as pens and note pads to be kept conveniently within reach. Even better, they not only feel good, they look good, allowing health care personnel to feel stylish while making their rounds.

Angelica scrubs are color-coded according to size, allowing health care personnel to immediately choose the size that fits them. Scrubs can also be custom embroidered with the staff member’s name, preventing them from being accidentally picked up by the wrong person in the laundry room as well as serving to identify the wearer. They can be further customized with pocket enhancements in a contrasting color to give them a more professional look while avoiding the impersonality that characterizes most medical uniforms. Even better, they are extremely durable, meaning that they’ll need to be replaced less frequently, saving you money on your garments budget.

unisex Angelica scrubsAngelica scrubs are available in unisex sets consisting of pants and tops, with discounts offered for bulk orders. Tops are also sold in two pocket and four pocket variants while pants are sold in extra-long lengths. Other products come with specialized pockets to store particular necessities such as scissor holders. Clients can consult with the supplier to find the ideal solution for their medical garment needs. Whatever your particular requirements are, there will be an Angelica scrubs product that will be sure to meet them.


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