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angelica uniforms lab coatAngelica Corporation has been widely known for uniforms and linen services in medical institutions. The company is known for Angelica Uniforms, scrubs, linens, gowns, cleaning and dust control services. Angelica Corporation has been very particular with flexibility and reliability of their garments. All Angelica uniforms and garments are customized accordingly to the usage of the medical institution.

Angelica uniforms have been around since 1878 creating specialty uniforms for professionals alike. Now, it has been one of the industry’s leader in providing uniforms and scrubs. Angelica Uniforms are more particular with medical field, culinary, food services, housekeeping and support services. In medical field, uniforms vary from scrubs, gowns, and lab coats. Other products of Angelica aside from uniforms are linens, cleaning kits, mats for hospital use, accessories and shoes.

Angelica Uniforms are known for its upgraded clothing designed for comfort of the wearer. Angelica Uniforms are distributed in many professional companies. The good thing about the Angelica Corporation is that it listens to the customer and will provide the customer’s input in their products upon distribution. Also, Angelica has been concerned with cost-effective price for customers in manufacturing Angelica Uniforms. Nothing but quality and value are behind these uniforms.

garments angelica uniformsServices that Angelica offers, varies from clinical to hospital. In clinics, Angelica offers services for managing the laundry and cleanliness of linens, gowns and other garments in the clinical area. It is much suitable in catering needs of outpatients and professionals working in a clinical setup.

There are three types of services offered in clinic and these are: Angel Safe™, Angel Pro™, and Angel Comfort™. In Angel Safe™, it focuses on maintaining of linens and garments free from pathogens that may cause blood borne diseases. In Angel Pro™, it focuses in providing a much more upgraded service intended professionally. Angel Comfort™ is more on maintaining the quality and comfort of Angelica products in Clinics.

In hospitals, the service is much upscale and it is more focused on affordable and commercial price in producing and distributing linens. Plus, service for cleaning and laundry of the linens would be an additional service to ensure the sterility and hygiene of the linens for patient use. The service that Angelica offers not only revolves around product and distribution, but they also conduct products mix assessment and research on what would be the effective solution for hospitals when it comes to linen and product usage. All inputs according from the research, plus the client’s needs and wants would be integrated to provide the best solution in hospitals.

Angelica scrubs and uniforms are manufactured on large scale resellers and medical supplies stores nationwide. For large orders on bulk customized uniforms, Angelica Corporation can be contacted directly, by going into their official website. Also, resellers of Angelica products can be found online as well. Customers can always order online for it is more convenient and less time consuming. There is a very large selection of Angelica products online. Discounts are available as well as on selected items for Angelica uniforms.


Where Can I Buy Angelica Lab Coats?

Where Can I Buy Angelica Lab Coats?

Where Can I Buy Angelica Lab CoatsAngelica lab coats have been the leading choice of medical professionals because of their unquestionable superior quality, both in design and materials. The makers of these coats possess full understanding of what the industry wants, and they’ve given exactly that.

Angelica lab coats come in several designs and possess only the necessary features. They have knot buttons and come with an adjustable back belt so you can better achieve a snug fit. They’re also made from excellent fabric that won’t shrink or easily wrinkle even after countless washes.

But recently, the manufacturers decided to change the name “Angelica” into something more appropriate — Medline. So if you’re used to the Angelica label and need a new lab coat, look for Medline or Medline Angelica.

Where can you find these lab coats?

Medline lab coats are offered online at, the official website of an apparel company called Central Shop LLC. For over 10 years, the company has been supplying hospitals around the world with quality apparel, footwear, and other medical supplies. Currently, they’re partners with 13 big labels such as Cherokee, Ultra Scope, Medgear, and yes, Medline.

How can you order Angelica lab coats from Central Shop LLC?

Where Can I Buy Angelica Lab Coats 4MedicalwearSimply get in touch with the company via e-mail or a phone call. However, bear in mind that you need to comply with the company’s minimum order of 150 pieces before your order can be processed.

In addition, you have a choice to opt for customized apparel or to order one of their exisiting designs. For the former, you need to order a minimum of at least 200 pieces. For the latter, you can head over to the company’s website and browse through a wide collection of lab coats.

What exactly are your choices?

You can choose from the following styles of lab coats: barrier short coat, protective lab coat, protective warm-up, consultation coat, and full length coat. As you can notice, each of these coats serves a particular purpose.

Doctors who want to make the rounds can easily slip into a consultation coat, and a lab technician can put on a protective lab coat to ensure a safe and sterile working environment.

One special thing that all these lab coats possess is ResiStat, a fabric technology that resists fluid from seeping into the skin while keeping the wearer comfortable. So with ResiStat, the wearer has no doubt maximum protection against infection, diseases, and other illnesses that can be obtained in the hospital.Where Can I Buy Angelica Lab Coats Knit Cuffs

Other features of these Medline lab coats include the following: two front pockets, knit cuffs, and an overlapping neck closure feature for added protection.

What other products are offered by Medline?

Medline is complete with all types of hospital uniforms and apparel. If you need more than lab coats, also shop for the following clothes: scrubs, scrub dress, scrub pants, cargo pants, jackets, and scrub tops.

Some come in plain colors, while others have a stylish design. And while lab coats have ResiStat, these other products have AngelStat fabric technology that combines 50% of polyester and 50% of cotton for a comfortable fabric.

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